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They are to teach my people the difference between the holy and the common and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and clean.

Ezekiel 44:23



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  • This thing called Dating.

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  • The Curse of the A grade

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    Our Publications section gives you a preview of our regular TIMAZI Magazine that is distributed to high schools. TIMAZI issue 15 is out and already hitting Schools. Has your school subcribed? 

    ISSUE 12

    You are in High School, What do you think about this thing called dating????

    Grab your copy and hear! 

    ISSUE 10
    Should Christians read or watch harry Potter movies?

    Do they have any influence on a christian? How about consulting horoscopes?

    What really is Occultism? Is it real?

    Calisto Odede is interviewd on Occults and Harry Potter is exposed.

    ISSUE 9
    You have heard this phrase over and over again. "Do not judge me, only God can judge me!"

    Does the word of God allow me to judge? Is there provision for abeliever to question a fellow believer in their walk of faith?

    Is it entirely true that Only God can judge you?

    ISSUE 8
    In this issue, we delivered the last section on "I Got saved every weekend challenge".

    We explore the last journey of Jesus as He went to the cross to save us from from our sinfulness.

    Read also Adala's Story and get to know how the Lord has helped her walk in this walk of faith as a finalist in Campus

    ISSUE 7
    In this issue of "I got saved every weekend Challenge" Series, have the

    Gospel of salvation explained.

    Do you get saved Many times? Have you seen students who answer the alter call everytime a preacher comes to your school?

    You will need to read more to unnderstand the whole gospel and understand what it really means to get saved

    ISSUE 6

    I doubt if there is any other student that got saved as many times as I did! Says Alice Adala.

    I am sure you probably may share that story too. want to read her story? This issue also is a beginnig of our three fold story of explaining the gospel, you do not want to miss this at all and the next two!

    ISSUE 5

    With the generation of absentee Fathers, Irresponsible parenthood and dysfunctional homes, the Children have in turn grown bitter and disconnected from homes and families.

    In this issue,we feature one of our own staff who grew up in such a home, how she has overcome bitterness and how the Lord has helped her to forgive and be a family person herself.

    You surely would like to read that story and much more...

    ISSUE 4
    Mulika Mwizi

    How many of us wonder why stealing exams is an evil?

    Do you wonder what education is all about? Is it just passing exams and achieving a mean grade that will give you a place at the University?

    Who shapes your thinking or values? who informs your choices?

    Read that and much more in this issue of TIMAZI

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