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They are to teach my people the difference between the holy and the common and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and clean.

Ezekiel 44:23



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    What is dating?

    When we talk about dating, what do we mean? Dating is when a boy and a girl are in a relationship that exceeds a close friendship and are intimate either or both physically and emotionally. At this time both parties do not consider marriage the end result. It therefore means that dating is a game. It is a game because the parties are not serious; they are playing with each other’s emotions. It is a game because the parties are doing for it fun. As a matter of fact, dating is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. It is done to draw pleasure for the moment for the parties involved and nothing beyond them. Are you as a High School Student allowed to engage in this game? 

    As believers can we play this game?

    No, dating is not a game for those who love Jesus. There are several pitfalls associated with dating. We will explore here some of the reasons I consider important for not engaging in any romantic relationship until we are ready to marry.

    1.        It is unscriptural


    Most of the relationships that have been mentioned in scripture are made with reference for marriage. The Bible does not give the Christian room to be in a relationship for any other reason. Take for example the story of Isaac. The bible gives the story of how the servant of Abraham had to travel many miles to get a wife for him. When she was brought to him, the Bible says that she became his wife. Read his story in Genesis 24. The story of Jacob with Leah and Rachel was similar too. He did not have the girls without commitment. He knew it was a serious issue of marriage. Read also about Joseph and Mary in Luke 2. Joseph was betrothed to marry Mary and not just enjoy a good time together. The Bible does give room to any young person to play with the heart of any other young person. The communication we get from all these scriptural heroes is that people get together in romance for marriage and nothing else.

    2.      Dating does not allow you to spend time with other brethren as friends

    When you get involved with a man or woman at an early stage in life, that is before you are ready to marry, you isolate yourself and spend more time with one person which limits the time you spend with other believers. This is especially detrimental since you do not intent to marry and it may cause you to miss out on many things that God would have had you learn in your time as a student from other students. There are several other singles in the CU to know and spend time with and therefore you will not isolate yourself before it is time.

    The other aspect of friendship is between the two parties. When you get hooked up too soon knowing you are not in the relationship for marriage, you will move too close too quickly and get even physical before you even become friends. Dating does not build your friendship, it destroys it. 


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