Timazi Magazine


The Ministry

The ministry started with a magazine founded by Gathuku Kibunga together with fellow student ministers at Trinity Fellowship in 2007 with an aim to reach High school students with a Gospel-centred periodical. The periodical was launched as a full color magazine named Timazi (Swahili word for plumbline) to symbolize the function of the magazine as a tool to challenge students to biblical faithfulness.


Why the Magazine?

The magazine is written as a discipleship tool to respond to the pop culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and challenge high school students to boldly articulate their faith, love it, live it, and defend it. Two objectives:


1. Train students to develop a biblical worldview

We exist to educate Christian students to know that the Christian faith is not merely a private issue but rather a coherent and comprehensive view of reality that offers a tried-and-true map for life. Further, students need to know what others believe and learn to challenge non-biblical worldviews that are battle for their hearts and minds daily. This trains them not to be afraid of challenging questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, morality, or truth. When they learn that their faith is not just a set of religious truths, they get excited to not only live it but defend it.


2. Create a frame of reference and guidance on confusing issues for the growing Christian

The growing Christian student goes through much ridicule when he/she attempts to live by the principles of the Bible. Timazi is written as a resource that supports them in locating biblical references for different issues that trains them to defend their faith. Furthermore, the younger generation needs models as a way of character formation. Watching as older people tackle African contextual realities brings out the Bible alive on our soil. Timazi records stories of older Christians to preserve history as well as inspire young Christians to a living faith.